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Best Apple Pencil Accessories to customise your stylus

Best Apple Pencil Accessories to customise your stylus

The Apple Pencil is quickly becoming a necessary companion for iPad Pro users, but an often-lost one. Between its slim cylindrical white body and the removable magnetic cap, it’s not hard to lose one or the other to couch cushions or forgetful minds. On the bright side, there are dozens of great Apple Pencil accessories to help keep your Pencil (and cap) safe, secure, and ready to sketch. Here are a few of our favorites!

  • TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter
  • PencilCozy Combo
  • Use a Micron or Bullet Pen Clip
  • Pad and Quill Pencil Case
  • Atelier iPad Pencil Case
  • Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet
  • Stylus Sling
  • Thankscase Apple Pencil Charging Dock Station
  • Lost caps and adapters

TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

Apple Pencil charging adapter

Your Apple Pencil is designed to plug right into your iPad Pro for fast and convenient charging, but not all users are fans of this feature. The most common complaint is that the Pencil sticks out from the Pro at an inconvenient angle. TechMatte has created an alternative charging method that allows your Pencil to lay flat besideyour Pro instead. Two versions are available, but we like the shorter connector. It gives you that little bit of extra flexibility without adding another long cable to the mix.

PencilCozy Combo

Apple Pencil PencilCozy

We’ve already established a big concern with the Pencil: losing the cap and losing the adapter. Now we’ll lay out the solution: two tiny, inexpensive bits of plastic. That’s not even the best news, because these problem-solvers glow in the dark. One attaches to the Pencil and the cap, securing the cap in place and holding onto it when you pop it off to charge. The other secures the USB adapter to your Lightning cord, even when you’re not charging with it. They fit nice and snug, and the Pencil attachment also stops your Pencil from rolling away when you set it down.

Steal the clip off a Micron pen (or buy a Bullet Pen Clip)

If you just want to accessorize your Pencil with a clip, consider skipping the expensive “Made for Pencil”-brand accessories and pilfer the clip off a similar-bodied pen, like a Pigma Micron. The clip on the Micron fits snugly over the Pencil’s aluminum logo, and gives you a great way to attach your digital drawing tool to shirts, pants, and even iPad cases. (And as a bonus: You get a great physical drawing pen, too.)

Note:Both clips are a fairly tight fit around your Apple Pencil. When first applying them to your pen, I suggest sliding them on starting at the pen tip, rather than trying to force them over the rear cap (or rear charging port).

You can also skip the pen and go straight for the clip with Bullet Pen’s Chrome Clip, also available for around $5-10.

Leather Apple Pencil Holder

If you love your iPad Pro’s case but curse the fact it lacks a place for the Pencil, Pad and Quill has two options for you in the form of the $24.95 Leather Apple Pencil Holder and the $39.95 Quill Apple Pencil Case.

The first provides you with a secure Apple Pencil-sized leather loop to attach (via extra-strength 3M tape) to any case of your choice. You might be skeptical of ripping the loop off your case the first time you try and remove your Pencil — I certainly was. But 3M’s adhesive is no joke: I’ve used this loop for a few weeks with no issue or movement. (Do make sure your case is clean before you try to adhere the loop to it, however.)

Alternatively, if you don’t want to stick something permanently onto your case, you can try the Quill Apple Pencil Case: It’s a magnetic leather sleeve for your Apple Pencil that holds both your cap and Pencil securely in place on your iPad Pro via the power of magnets. The removable sleeve is a nice option for carrying and storing your Pencil without losing it, and the cap storage is especially appreciated while drawing.

Atelier iPad Pencil Case

Want the clip and some protection for your Pencil? Waterfield Designs provides a leather and ultra-suede-lined sleeve for your Pencil to keep it secure from dings, scratches, and accidental losses. The Pencil slides firmly into the case, and its leather strap offers extra protection from accidentally sliding out or otherwise disappearing. And best of all, the case comes with an integrated clip to allow you to clasp it onto pants pockets, jackets, bags, or your iPad itself.

If you’d prefer something a little less 1980s, there’s also the Atelier Gear Case, which allows you to store the Pencil and a few charging cables.

Moxiware Apple Pencil Magnet

Tired of your Pencil rolling away? Use magnets to firmly attach it to your iPad with Moxiware’s Apple Pencil sleeve. The thin rubber sleeve comes in a variety of colors (including white, if you like your Pencil’s normally-pristine look), and adds a series of magnets to the side of the Pencil. When you’re finished using it, you can simply snap to the side of the iPad (where you’d normally attach one of Apple’s Smart Covers). The rubber sleeve also gives users a bit more of a texture to grip while drawing with, as well.

Stylus Sling

iPad Pro Stylus Sling

If magnets aren’t your bag or you’re already using a Smart Cover, consider a physical addition to your iPad’s case: A Stylus Sling. First and foremost, it’s available for both the 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch Pro; also, the pocket for the Pencil allows you to grab onto the body of the Pencil when you’re removing it, not just the cap, which could get lost or go flying. Finally, a tiny, snug pocket is built into the sling especially for holding its USB adapter. The sling won’t take up extra space, and secures nicely around the Pro and any optional case you may attach.

Thankscase Apple Pencil Charging Dock Station

Apple Pencil charging dock

If you’re in the habit of charging your Pencil with the USB adapter and Lightning Cable, this sturdy, aluminum dock is a perfect addition to your workspace. It holds your pencil vertically and fits around your charging cable nicely. It stops your cord from tangling up and keeps the Pencil in sight. A small notch holds the cap while the Pencil charges, so it won’t disappear on you. You can also use the dock as a stand when you pause your workflow so you don’t set the pencil down and let it roll away. An added bonus? The dock is available in silver, black, gold, and rose gold.

Lost caps, adapters, and Pencil tips

Apple doesn’t currently offer replacement caps or adapters online or in stores, but if you find yourself in need of either one (or both), Apple advises that users call AppleCare. A number of Pencil users have, for a nominal fee, been sent replacement caps or adapters in exchange for the Pencil’s serial number.

If you’re instead looking for replacement Pencil tips, you can pick up a four-pack from Apple directly or any Apple Store.

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