How do I watch Netflix shows for free?

How do I watch Netflix shows for free?

It’s very simple

Thes best website you are searching for than you are at the right place

Just search ganduworld arrow / got / flash /

Just search the show you want to see with that add ganduworld you will get to that netflix series

And you will get to all seasons in flash in just one click and all episodes in hd quality

Besides this it also has Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies in English and hindi, Latest tvseries, Latest netflix season, mp3 download

This site contains all we want… you must visit this site..

Enjoy thankyou

You must also see this shows if you are really interested in series

  1. Friends
  2. Got
  3. Vampire diaries
  4. How i met your mother
  5. Narcos
  6. Flash
  7. Arrow
  8. Quantico
  9. 24
  10. 13 reasons why
  11. Suits
  12. Dc legend of tomorrow
  13. 2 brokes girls
  14. Sherlock holmes
  15. Big bang theory
  16. Supernatural
  17. Strange things
  18. Royals
  19. Homeland
  20. Girls
  21. All this series are must watch and all this seasons are there in this site in hd quality
  22. Just search ganduworld and you will find all this

i have found an ultimate netflix loophole that can enable you to create unlimited free trial account

first you need to add virtual card or debit card or credit in google play acount

after that freshly install netflix app in your android app

during signup

billing options will popup

use google play billing as preferred monthly billing method

and success you have create an netflix account free for first month

and you can still create an another free account with new email through google play billing by signing up again but make sure you cancel previous subscription

this is awesome loophole to create as much free netflix account you want without spending any money

because if you try to to create new free account with same debit or credit card previously used then netflix will surely detect it’s been used already but when you again try to create new free trail account but under google play billing it won’t detect

if you want proof here are pics i have created three free trial accounts till now

Sign up for Netflix and they will allow you to use their service for 30 days, free of charge.  Of course, you’ll be expected to pay after that trial period is over if you wish to continue using their service.

Not everything on the Internet is free.  They’ve got bills to pay (to the tune of $6 billion per year).  You understand, right?

Well unfortunately Netflix is not free. The only way you can avail this option is when you sign up with Netflix with a new account.

By default they provide you one month free trial where you can watch movies and shows available on Netflix for free.

Once the designated time of one month from the date you registered with Netflix is over, you’ll have to make a payment depending on the plan you want to buy.

It has 3 Plans on Offer

  1. Basic $7.99
  2. Standard $10.99
  3. Premium $13.99

Whereas many users once done with the one month free trial, register again with a new email and avail another free month of Netflix account

Yes you can but limited to a month. After a month, you have an option paying monthly fees.

As far as watching experience, it is one of the best sites for watching movies.

Netflix offers 30 days free trail for new joiners only once. If you have new email ids after every 30 days then you may watch Netflix for free. Which is tough.

You can do that twice or maybe thrice then you may feel like paying netflix after watching their hard work and level of content they provide.

But there is a way of watching Netflix at a low price-a) Ask you friend to join in for netflix and you may share the charges.

b)Or get 3 friends of your to join netflix with you eventually reducing your charges by 75%. Each one of them will pay 25% of their share and at one time you can access Netflix on four different screens.

If you are in India then Vodafone is for you.

You can buy their Vodafone red plans(postpaid) starting from I guess 1100 which offers netflix of two months. The more bigger the postpaid plan more months of access to netflix. Right now you can buy the expensive plan of vodafone around Rs3000 and get Netflix for 6 months.

You can download google rewards earn google cards by taking surveys and use them to pay for netflix. But this is very time consuming as surveys are not available everyday. Or take other online survey who offers you money or google cards that might help you.

I’ll recommend you ask your friends to join in and share the bill.

Netflix is not free. You have to pay monthly subscription. However, there are many streaming sites which are similar to Netflix but free.

Tubi TV, Sony Crackle, CW tv, Vudu, Roku, Pluto TV and soap2day.

soap2day is the best. All movies are free. No virus, no ads, no pop-ups, no need to sign-up, high quality streaming with no buffering.

We pay for our Netflix account and have a subscription for multiple screens. Our daughter cannot afford to pay for a subscription, so we share the account with her and gave her the password.

If you are in a similar situation, perhaps a family member or friend will give you access to their account. Or you could offer to pay half of the monthly fee.

Source:- quora